Dawn Lam, MA
English Teacher
Beckman High School
Tustin Unified



I knew from a very young age I wanted to be a high school English teacher. Why? I was inspired by teachers who cared passionately about students and the subjects they taught. After graduating from the University of California at Irvine, I began teaching at my alma mater, in Pico Rivera, California and taught there for twelve amazing years. This is my second year teaching in Tustin, California where I currently reside with my husband and two daughters, Brooklyn and Addisyn. My current school is 1-1 with technology; this coupled with the fact that I am working with a DLC (Digital Learning Coach) has revolutionized my teaching. I hope to share my journey integrating technology to inspire others to find and try new ways of teaching, and to realize this craft we call teaching, is constantly evolving, and challenging us to be the best we can for those who matter most: our students.

One thought on “About

  1. These are awesome ideas and they support some of the methodology we currently use at Kingsburg High School. The great news is that you have some ideas I haven’t thought of. So thank you. Great job!!! Your passion is evident.


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