Why I LOVE Google Drawings

Before 1-1 technology, I was a strong proponent of using graphic organizers in my classroom. I would design them on Word and make enough copies for each of my students. These graphic organizers helped students visually organize ideas and or plan for writing. Now that my students have access to technology, most of our work is done using GAFE. One of my favorites is Google Drawings. I love how students can collaborate on one document and I can check their revision history; it also fosters their creativity. I share out my documents via a Document management system called Doctopus (I haven’t switched over to Google classroom since I love the group sharing process w/ Doctopus along with its ease of use with the Goobric extension).

I will send out a blank Google Drawing with a text box off to the side with the directions. This week for example, we are wrapping up the semester and students will have to compare Of Mice and Men to To Kill a Mockingbird. To have students review, I assigned a  group Theme Map.

Unnamed image

I am always amazed by my students creativity!

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I love that while from home I can access their work and see their revisions and chats about how to accomplish the task. If I notice any confusion, I can jump into their chat and add feedback.

Sample comments in theme map

Finally, because I use Doctopus with the Goobric extension, I can grade the Theme Map with a rubric created via Google spreadsheets, score the theme map, and the rubric automatically gets emailed to each student.

Goobric with theme map

I am super excited about the new Student Goobric extension for self-assessment and peer evaluation, and I am hoping to begin this process next semester. Check that out here!



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